Controls Manuals (pdf files) Frequently asked questions about boiler controls



OnTrac® Multiple Boiler Control

OnTrac installation /wiring guide
OnTrac programming guide
Gateway installation manual (BacNet, LonWorks)

TempTrac® Boiler Operator
General Information as Stand-alone control

TempTrac users guide (basic)
TempTrac users guide (advanced)
TempTrac Outdoor Reset Installation and Instruction (not for boilers controlled by a separate multiple boiler control)

TempTrac® Control - Network Information
For directly connecting TempTrac to BAS

TempTrac ModBus configuration
TempTrac Register List
Gateway installation manual (BacNet, LonWorks, Modbus TCP)

TempTrac® RetroKIT

Wiring diagram for connecting TempTrac RetroKIT to existing boilers

Connecting Third Party Multiple Boiler Controls

Terminal strip connections for multiple boiler controller analog and binary connections (not for boilers controlled by the OnTrac controller)